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For more information, please refer to the public terms of use, guidelines of the Ethereum, Solana and other public blockchains using cryptographic technology.

Price Uncertainty and Risk of Total Loss. The prices of blockchain assets are inherently volatile, subject to sudden changes at any moment and to severe price fluctuations in the market price of such digital assets, which could materially and adversely affect the value of your investment onto technologies and virtual assets such as the Fulbo Galaxy NFTs. As such, we cannot guarantee that any purchasers of any of our NFTs will not lose their investment, in whole or in part, at any time, and for any reason or no apparent reason. Each decision made by our users regarding the execution of financial actions or orders and the assessment as to whether an action or movement is appropriate or proper for said user is an independent decision made by the user himself, not us.

No Registration Covenant. For the avoidance of doubt, each user of Fulbo Galaxy, though such action, is not a client of any financial, investing or SEC registered investment adviser, brokerage related products, cash account, Forex, CFDs, binary options and/or crypto platform exchange.

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Inherent Risk. Cryptocurrencies are highly speculative assets, and do not constitute a regulated financial investment in most jurisdictions. Analysis and calculation of hypothetical income potential referred to in any documentation provided are for reference and for demonstrative purposes only, and cannot be construed as any form of guarantee that any mentioned results will be achieved. Cryptocurrencies are not insured by any government body which could answer to the general public. Cryptocurrencies are a recent and untested technology. In addition to the risks mentioned in this Agreement and in any documentation, there may be additional risks that Fulbo Galaxy cannot predict.

Regulatory Uncertainty. Cryptocurrencies entail inherent regulatory uncertainty, and blockchain related systems are or may be subject to regulation and oversaw by different regulatory overseen by different regulatory authorities throughout the world. Cryptocurrencies may fall under one or more categories that require compliance therewith, including but not limited to restrictions on the use, know your customer regulation, prevention of money laundering and/or transmission of digital tokens compliance. We may not be able to offer our services to residents of certain jurisdictions.

It is diffcult to predict how or whether any legislative or regulatory authorities may implement changes to law and regulation affecting distributed block-chain ledger technology and its blockchain ledge technology and its applications. Regulatory bodies may negatively impact Fulbo Galaxy and any investment opportunities thereinto, including but not limited to additional registration, costs and/or licensing requirements on individuals and entities. Lastly, changes to laws or regulations could determine the unlawfulness of operating such investment in any jurisdiction.

Tax Risk. Various jurisdictions tax cryptocurrency operations as short-term capital gains, sometimes levied per each single transaction or trade. We do not offer any type of tax or fiscal counseling.

Market Adoption Risk. Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects entail possible lack of use or public interest in the creation and development of distributed ecosystems which could negatively impact the present and future development of the Fulbo Galaxy ecosystem, and therefore the potential utility or value of any Fulbo Galaxy NFTs.